He who tills his land will have plenty of bread,
But he who pursues worthless things lacks sense.

–Proverbs 12:11

“Work” is a four-letter word, but there’s nothing profane about it. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s dirty, but God values it as a godly virtue when done for His glory. Those who pursue worthless things go hungry and wonder where they went wrong.

Till your land (in other words do the work God has given you) day in and day out, and over a lifetime you will have much to show for it. Think crockpot, not microwave. Microwaves heat food quickly, try eating a roast that microwaved. It’s not pretty. The meat is tough and sort of bland.

But a roast cooked all day in a crock pot is a different story. The meat is tender. The flavor is full. You can cut it with a fork.

So be on your guard against worthless things. Do the work. Daily. Faithfully. Consistently. You will reap a harvest.