Hi, I'm Les Hughes.


And I help church members and church leaders pursue God's rich and meaningful purpose for their lives.



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“The job of a Pastor can be challenging and oddly enough at times very lonely. No one understands the challenges of the Pastorate better than another Pastor. PLN has allowed me to build a network with Pastors that is about community and personal growth. It has been and is a blessing to know I have a number of guys to call for advice and encouragement.” —  Drew Grubbs, Lead Pastor at Legacy Church, Northeast Church, St. Petersburg, Florida

Following God's calling into ministry doesn't mean you have to live a life of scarcity and meagerness. 

I believe God is a God of abundance who gave you multiple talents to build and serve His Kingdom and by using ALL of your God-given talents, you take better care of yourself and your family and become a better pastor in the process.

That's why my friend Jon Sanders and I have started EntrePastors.com.

EntrePastors.com is for the pastor ready to start earning extra streams of income to further kingdom impact.

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About Les Hughes

Les Hughes is a preacher of the gospel, teacher, author, and leadership coach to pastors and executives. Les has served in pastoral ministry for twenty-nine years, with a four year stretch at Mississippi College as Chair of the Christian Studies and Philosophy Department.

Les currently serves as senior pastor at First Baptist Church Pleasant Grove in Birmingham, Alabama. 

Les and his wife Page live in Alabaster, Alabama. They have four children and eight grandchildren.

They love investing in young couples, especially those in vocational ministry.

Page and Les are also co-founders of Anchor Deep Ministries and Meanwhile Ministries, the purpose of which is to provide resources to help people anchor deep in God’s word and find meaning in the meanwhile seasons of life.