Episode #7: Developing a Culture of Service and Missions Through Family Ministry

Mar 18, 2021

As Family Minister at West Bradenton Baptist Church, Jenny Funderburke Smith leads family members to take the gospel to their neighbors and the nations.

In the latest episode of PLP, Jenny discusses recruiting enthusiastic volunteers; serving your community; and helping family members (especially kids) recover emotionally from the pandemic as they return to church and minister to community hurts.

This episode is a recording of a recent virtual Leadership Lunch. (To learn how you can join us on free leadership lunches throughout March, go here.)


Show  Notes


Food for Thought:

"Everything is different right now. What does God want us to do with that?"

Some things Jenny and her church did differently that resulted in more engaged members:

  • Integrating children's, teen's and adult's worship
  • Including a "family minute" in the middle of the sermon
  • Reevaluating every activity to make sure it tied into their "why"

We enjoyed an insightful Q&A session after Jenny's talk and talked about:

  • how the shutdown has affected church attendance
  • welcoming new guests 
  • leading change in ministry

Mentioned Resources

Everydaykidsministry.com (Jenny's website)

Books by Jim Wideman



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